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Rock Balancing

Feeling Lighter


What if one day you woke up feeling a sense of peace at your core. Feeling content. Feeling like it was possible to get closer to living the life of your dreams. That your life is flowing as freely as you would like it to. Feeling a more complete, confident, empowered version of yourself.

Feeling Lighter, a unique transformational method, can help you make this your new reality.

Read below for the transformational stories of people who came to see me before you.

Are you the kind of person who is willing to take a step toward your happiness and inner freedom?

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The new happier, empowered you awaits!

Client Testimonials

"I feel lighter and more focused than I have in a LONG time. I’ve discovered something interesting about my programming as a result of this process. It has been helpful to my overall mental well being. I’ve been able to calm my mind and worry less about the things I can’t change (like the past). One other thing is a feeling of empowerment - that I have accepted a bit more the fact that I’m responsible for my life. Whatever it is - I made that. And I can make it anything. Thanks for this."


- Jesse L., Montreal Canada

"Working with Yulia was really amazing. She knows how to take you from the surface to the root of where a limiting belief comes from and completely turn it around. Since our session, I have been able to allow myself to feel my worth without attaching my value to what I accomplish. I can give myself permission to improve my relationships and my surroundings because I am now able to FEEL my worth. It's amazing how much we were able to uncover in just one session and I have seen and felt a clarity and trust in myself that wasn't there before."

- Erinn H., Idaho USA

Yulia's method is so powerful! She took me through her process that revealed many hidden blocks that have been preventing me from experiencing the massive success I have been seeking... for years. It was a very emotional and cathartic experience! Not only that but it opened me up to receiving 5 miracles within a couple of hours of our session!!! Thank you so much Yulia! You are so amazing and gifted!  I highly recommend a session with Yulia! In fact, I insist that if you truly want to make changes in your life, you must book with Yulia. She's so awesome!!!

– Elle D., Los Angeles California USA

"I had the incredible pleasure of having Yulia coach me in one of her ground breaking, amazing, innovative Feeling Lighter method sessions!! To say it is life changing is an understatement I couldn’t understand why I was eating everything under the sun as soon as Covid hit. I gained so much weight!! That isn’t the only time in my life that I have done that, though. It’s happened 2 other times! Each time I get back to where I desire to be and WHAM! I fall back into a pattern that I mentally felt was not serving me in my physical form. Together we worked through that and about 5 other areas that were holding me back from truly moving in my life with ease and fulfillment. I feel INCREDIBLE now!! Food is no longer my enemy, and I am eating in a way that serves me SO much better now!! And in the other areas, well let’s just say it’s helping me to move forward in my business with greater ease. This Emotional Reprogramming program NEEDS to be out there for anyone with challenges that are holding them back from their best life!! I cannot even express how much this has helped me in the short time since we met. And can only see amazing things in my future because of deciding to participate. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Yulia!"

- Marie A., Michigan USA

Yulia made a miracle! Despite not knowing exactly what it would be like, I knew that I needed to fix the problem that was getting in the way of my happiness. After trying many things before, I was hesitant, but curious to try. And I am so happy I did! Of course it will take time to get to my goal, but now nothing stops me and I have so much energy and inspiration. It's been a month and I feel so different!

The method itself is so simple and gentle. Unlike other such practices, there is no risk of saying the wrong thing, as I sometimes fear. It felt as if I were walking with an attentive and knowledgeable guide through the jungle of my emotions and in the end we found the way out. Thank you, Yulia! It was such an adventure!


- Ekaterina D., Barcelona Spain

"I had a wonderful session with Yulia where she helped me to deal with my sugar addiction. I don't know how but I just don't feel the sugar is controlling me anymore. She also helped me deal with the pressure of business. I feel a lot happier in my business and more able to deal with the daily stresses."

- Cathy B., Stockport UK 

"I approached Yulia because of some blocks I had regarding nutrition and food, on which I felt I didn’t have control. During the session I managed to search deeply into some unresolved relationships from the past and after I felt much lighter and able to let go some of those blocks. I found Yulia’s method very effective and very human, because it approached the problem from a 360 perspective."

- Chiara G., Trieste Italy

"I had three sessions with Yulia and I found her to be present in a way that others had not been. I found this therapy to be useful primarily because it was catered to my life and circumstances with solutions that were relevant to me"

- Seema V., Toronto Canada

"It gave me a tool to help keep me from falling into my old negative pattern. Or if I do fall, the tools can help get me out before I sink!"

- Colleen L., Vancouver Canada

"I love how Yulia combines her talents and knowledge to help people. Before working with her I felt a lot of constraints and that something was blocking me. It was pulling me back towards some place where I didn't want to be anymore. Although I could see where I wanted to be, It felt as if it was very difficult to reach. Now I no longer feel blocked. I am simply on a journey. (...) I am already in the place where I want to be in. I just need some more steps to go deeper towards into freedom."

- Steven P., Hasselt Belgium

"An incredible journey into your inner self! The experience of discovering your hidden fears, and finding a simple way to overcome them to achieve your personal goals in an easy and natural way is really priceless! Before these sessions I was experiencing anxiety when getting comments or criticisms about my personality or my work. After working with Yulia I can appreciate and even encourage feedback without any fear. It produced a fundamental improvement and a shift towards my happiness."

- Max S., Stavanger Norway

Areas Covered Include:

Love, Relationships, and Family


Confidence, Well-being, and Relationship with Self


Career, Business, and Financial Independence


Recovery from anxiety and trauma


Weight Loss and Healthy Body Relationship


Spirituality and Inner Growth  

Sessions are done over video conferencing in the comfort of your home. Please contact me with any personal queries

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