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How to Get an Instant Confidence Boost in 3 Easy Steps

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Are you about to have a job interview?


Getting dressed up to go on a date?


Gearing up to for an important conversation?

Want To Feel More Confident


On the Spot


So That It Goes Better for You?


If yes, this guide is for you!

What This Is



This is a 1-page step-by-step guide on exactly what to do

right now

so that you can feel a boost of confidence on the spot


Please use the steps outlined in the guide

a few minutes before doing

the thing you wish to feel more confident for

“Working with Yulia was really amazing. She knows how to take you from the surface to the root of where a limiting belief comes from and completely turn it around. Since our session, I have been able to allow myself to feel my worth without attaching my value to what I accomplish. I can give myself permission to improve my relationships and my surroundings because I am now able to FEEL my worth. It's amazing how much we were able to uncover in just one session and I have seen and felt a clarity and trust in myself that wasn't there before."

- Erinn H., Idaho USA

How To Use This Guide

Use these steps right before that important action you wanted to

fell more confident for


Find a private spot


Follow the steps outlined in the guide in sequence, one after another


As soon as you finished Step 3, proceed on to doing the action

Good luck!


I Want My Instant Confidence!

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